Timber Frame Barn|Starksboro, Vermont

Timber frame structures have been built in Vermont for hundreds of years. The exposed timbers, intricate joinery create lofty spaces with a strong aesthetic.

This timber frame barn in Starksboro is inspired by Vermont vernacular farm structures and contains multiple functions. In the dance studio, timbers and pine boards create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while adding detail to the lofty space. The horse barn is more rustic; rough-sawn timbers form horse stalls below and a hay loft above. This timber frame also answers the challenges of green building and sustainable design with local materials (Vermont hemlock timbers) and local craftsmanship (the timbers were supplied and erected by a local Vermont timber framer.


Completed: 2002

Photography: Gary Hall

Builder: Stephen Clark Construction, Inc.

Additional Contributions: Liberty Head Post and Beam