Vermont Farmhouse|Bristol, Vermont

This new energy efficient, three-bedroom home in Bristol, Vermont, sits on a hill taking advantage of southern exposure and green mountain views. The house is built on the foundation of an older cabin. We dismantled the cabin and salvaged as many materials as possible. The design of the new Vermont farmhouse allows for single level living on the first floor with additional space in the basement and on the second floor for numerous guests. The house serves as a gathering place for three generations of family and showcases the owner’s many antiques and collections. A new chimney for the fireplace also accommodates a renewable heat source in the form of a wood-burning boiler.

On the exterior, a white oak timber framed deck, reminiscent of the old cabin, wraps the house on three sides and creates outdoor rooms on all exposures. Occupants can move around the house with the sun. Cedar siding from the cabin was milled into exterior trim.

The brick fireplace in the living room was salvaged from the original cabin. A timber framed ceiling of local Hemlock and flooring of antique heart pine complement the fireplace. The milk painted cedar wainscoting in the entry was also salvaged from the cabin.


“My new house was finished just about 6 years ago and I have loved every minute I have spent in it. I can’t speak highly enough of architect Joan Heaton. I had never done a building project before and she made the experience a joy. She is everything you would want in an architect. She listened and truly understood what I wanted. She was patient. She was creative in both design and budgeting; firm when she needed to be and flexible when necessary. She introduced me to the builder I hired and we made a great team. I was not in the area when the construction was going on and I trusted Joan completely to oversee the progress; communicate with me when necessary, and make small decisions without me. She totally earned that trust. I would recommend her to anyone.”



Completed: 2010

Photography: Susan Teare

Builder: Silver Maple Construction

Additional Contributions: Cabinetry: Dan Ober, Timber Frame: Liberty Head Post and Beam