building a bridge part 2

The 75 foot long prefabricated steel pedestrian bridge arrived in Lincoln, Vermont on a truck.  The bridge was in one piece; 75 feet is the maximum length for a single span.  Longer spans are fabricated in two pieces and assembled on site.  At the site the bridge was lifted off the truck by a crane and placed on the poured concrete abutments.  The completed bridge provides access to the remote cabin located on a south facing hillside on the other side of the river.  Please see “Winter” and “Cabin Interior” posts below for more on the Remote Cabin.

The photos may make it look easy however it took a lot of work by many folks to design and build this bridge.  I consulted with both structural and civil engineers and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources as well as the bridge fabricators.  The general contractor, Silver Maple Construction, worked with concrete, crane, excavation and electrical sub contractors.  The electrical service for the cabin runs in conduit concealed on the underside of the bridge.

bridge in transit on South Lincoln Road at Garland's Bridge

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